Woman films man performing sex act on train and now could face worse punishment

A woman who filmed a pervert masturbating on a train has slammed a justice system which could see her punished more harshly than him.

Natacha Bras, a vice president of a group that provides support to sexual assault victims, was herself targeted on board a train from French capital Paris to the western city of Poitiers.

The 37-year-old filmed the encounter with the passenger who she claimed had moved seats just to be closer to her, MailOnline reports.

She said the man looked at her while performing the lewd act for about an hour-and-a-quarter.

At one point she said he followed her towards the bathroom in the near-empty carriage.

She said she thought filming “might be my only way to defend myself”.

The clip was posted on social media and has been viewed 110,000 times with the perpetrator clearly identifiable, a privacy offence which under French law carries a maximum punishment of a jail term and €45,000 fine.

Ms Bras pointed out the man would face a year in prison and €15,000 fine if convicted.

“I can be sentenced to a heavier penalty. Do you think it is acceptable?”, Ms Bras posted on Twitter .

She added she will file a complaint against the man.

The video was captioned: “Paris> Poitiers by TGV (about 1h15) with a guy who changes places and sits in front of me, looks at me and masturbates … there’s still work!

“No reason not to display it so I put the video here!”

Rail operators SNCF replied: “I understand your concern and regret these difficult travel conditions. Also, if this happens again, do not hesitate to report it to the Chief of Flight or to contact the SNCF emergency service.”