Friend watched as victim screamed ‘help me’ while ‘calm’ knifeman stabbed him

A traumatised pal of one of the stabbing victims in today’s horror in Glasgow has told how his friend screamed “help me, help me” as he was repeatedly knifed.

Asylum seeker Daniel Redhead said his friend fought desperately as the attacker stabbed him with a calm face devoid of anger.

A suspect has been shot dead by police and six men – including a police officer – are in hospital after the multiple stabbing in Glasgow city centre today.

Mr Redhead told the Daily Record: “My friend was screaming help me, help me.

“I saw him trying to fight the guy off as he was stabbing him.

“The man’s face was calm, he wasn’t even angry. He left my friend there and stabbed another man on the step.

“There was blood everywhere, so much blood.”

Mr Redhead said he had paid a visit to the hotel at the centre of the horror, the Park Inn Hotel, where has to collect some tobacco from a pal.

Armed police rush to scene of ‘stabbing’ in Glasgow

It was then that he watched in horror as his friend was attacked before the knifeman went into the hotel and continued on his violent rampage.

“A woman came out and was trying to stop the blood coming out of a man on the step.

“She was praying over him. Trying to calm him,” Daniel said.

“I just held him. He was so scared.”

Daniel says his friend was stabbed on both sides of his stomach and the attacker had harassed another friend before.

He said: “He turned up at my friend’s flat a couple of weeks ago and tried to burst in but my friend slammed the door on him.”

Daniel said the attacker was a loner who spoke very little.

He added: “He didn’t ever speak much. I saw him around. But he barely spoke.

“I think he was not mentally healthy. He was so calm when he was attacking. Like it was nothing.”

Armed police shot the suspect dead after the horror incident unfolded on West George Street this afternoon.

Police confirmed victims receiving treatment in hospital are all male and aged 17, 18, 20, 38 and 53.

Shahzad AlButt, a refugee living at the hotel, managed to leave but said he worried for his friends left inside and had no idea whether they had been victims.

He said:”It is a very good hotel and I have friends there so of course I am worried about them.

“A policeman told me to leave and I did, I don’t know how many are still in there.”

Another man, who did not want to be named, said he had friends at the hotel.

He said: “I know some people who are staying there.

”I’ve managed to speak to some of them on the phone but not everyone.

“It’s very serious and you have to wonder why this has happened.

“People have been staying there for months and months- all through the lockdown in the coronavirus stuff.

“It’s making me quite sick being so worried.”

In a statement, assistant chief constable Steve Johnson confirmed the five males are being treated along with a 42-year-old police officer who is in a critical but stable condition.

Police confirmed the incident is not being treated as terrorism and said investigations are ongoing.