Ghost hunters probing ‘potty-mouthed ghoul’ at site of historical murder

Ghost hunters are probing reports of a potty-mouthed ghoul swearing at tourists at a beauty spot.

The angry apparition is said to be a “woman in white” who tells people to “f*** off” in an area known as Dead Woman’s Ditch.

Christine and Dave Thomas are investigating the site named after the murder of Jane Walford by her husband John in 1789 on the ­Quantock Hills in Somerset.

The couple say they picked up on a voice, which told them to “f*** off”.

They also claim to have ­encountered a murderer from 1798. Dave said: “My wife has ­experienced it for a long time.

“There’s residual memories being replayed. Then there are voices you can interact with. Some can be quite nasty, evil.

“Not everybody is aware of ghosts.”

Locals claimed online to have had things thrown at them by the ghost.

Kameron Kelly wrote: “When you walk across a car park and a post it note pad falls out of the sky with no one or buildings near as in the middle of a car park.

“A few days later, in the same place, both myself and my friend here whispering in our ears the words ‘hello’.

“Another time I was walking along the canal and saw an old man walking towards me with a dog.

“It was a winters evening so dark, the man got near me and was looking down towards the ground wearing a cap.

“He mumbled hello and I said hello back. After about 20-30 seconds.

“I looked back to see no man there- I’d walked that way and knew that there was nowhere he could go as along the canal, and there was no splashes or anyone falling in the water.”