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Since 1997 we have been collecting and publishing event information on Tai Chi workshops and events throughout the United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

We try to publish the newsletter once a month... (don't always meet our own publication schedule... :^)... but what the heck... it's a hobby. Still we have thousands of subscribers worldwide.... it's still a bit amazing that it has grown so huge... all from an informal 36 person mailing done a lark.

How to Get Our Free Newsletter

To get your own Tai Chi Notices newsletter, just go up the the top of the page and submit your email address.

How to get your Tai Chi event listed in the Newsletter

The best way to get a free listing in our newsletter is to go to both of the follow sites and post information about your workshop or event. Don't forget to leave an email address in your listing so people can contact you for more details


How to find a local Tai Chi Instructor

The Tai Chi workshops that we list in the newsletter are often lead by world class masters and are often an excellent place to find and meet local instructors...

If you can't wait, pop over to the TaichiMessageBoard.com Then leave us a message indicating who you are, where you are, and some background about what you are looking for in Tai Chi instruction. The TaichiMessageBoard message board exists for the purpose of helping Tai Chi students and instructors find one another.

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